FTC Cracks Down on Potential False Testimonials

by Lisa Dubrow   Lots of action this week at the FTC relating to potential violations based on false endorsements and consumer reviews and testimonials. The FTC put more than 700 companies on notice that [...]


By Lisa Dubrow   Offering lifetime subscription terms carries some true risks, starting with: what does “lifetime” mean? Since a subscription provides access to a product, and sometimes, free updates or other benefits as the [...]

Important Supreme Court Case on Trademark Infringement

In a rare unanimous opinion from the Supreme Court, the Justices on April 23rd held that proving an infringer’s willful intent to infringe is not required for obtaining the infringer’s profits resulting from the infringement.  [...]

‘How I Met Your Mother’ Director Pamela Fryman & Actress Ashley Williams Team With ‘Margin Call’ Producer Neal Dodson On ‘Killing It: An Education’

How I Met Your Mother director Pamela Fryman and actress Ashley Williams, Margin Call producer Neal Dodson and producer Alan Grossbard are teaming up on an adaptation of the Penguin Random House-published memoir Killing It: [...]

2020-01-28T16:06:35-08:00January 28th, 2020|News|

This is a brand’s world

Michael J Salvatore explains how to manage brands online in the social media age. Social media has become increasingly intertwined in the fabric of society and has become, for most of us, an integrated part [...]

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