Ours is a diverse, yet highly integrated practice designed specifically to actively and effectively support our clients as their trusted counsel in building, expanding, protecting and defending their rights, assets, careers and businesses.
Today’s marketplace is filled with limitless opportunities — but to do it right requires having the right lawyers at your side — lawyers with the knowledge, skill, professional relationships and experiences you can trust to ensure that your goals are met in this complex, evolving and legally challenging environment. And we’re those lawyers.
Whether you’re creative talent, a major brand, content owner, entrepreneur, a growing, disruptive or pivoting business, a corporate powerhouse, or a combination of these, you need to ensure that:
  1. The foundations and changes are secure – your business and your deals with employees, vendors, partners, affiliates and customers are set up right and remain effective,
  2. Your intellectual property rights are secure and enforceable,
  3. The opportunities are real,
  4. The deals are negotiated and papered as best as they can be for you and what you want to achieve, with the minimum risk to you, and
  5. If your rights or contracts are violated or your position needs to be defended you can achieve your desired outcome through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation.
Our lawyers have a wealth of experience and enviable successes in all of these areas, and we achieve these outcomes using an extremely cost-effective business model and an extensive network of experts in other areas of law, financial services, marketing and public relations, technology development, media training, and litigation support.