In a recent article at his new, important information resource, XRTRENDS.IO, my friend and colleague, Travis Falstad gave the following appraisal of the new Hololens 2:

Los Angelenos are focused on The Oscars today. Tech news is piggybacking on that story with the “how will Netflix perform” story angle.

Meanwhile, earlier Sunday (Pacific Time) Satya Nadella and team announced the Hololens 2 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Since before the Sensorama, we’ve envisioned a world where our devices blend into the background. In some ways a small step toward that future has been taken as we’ve moved away from desktops to a mobile world. Mass adoption of AR glasses would represent several large steps.

For Microsoft, building out the services to one day support a large-scale adoption of AR while also slowly iterating the hardware has positioned this latest iteration of Hololens as a big step up toward that future.

As reported by The Verge’s Dieter Bohn, this Hololens is meant for enterprise. This contrasts with Magic Leap’s MagicVerse enabling a futuristic world world of Dr Grobort’s Invaders and Project Porg,   READ MORE