Our Licensing and Sponsorship practice is an integrated part of our Entertainment, Advertising and Marketing and Intellectual Property practices and includes counseling and transactions related to the licensing of brands, copyrights, content, name and likeness rights, technology, know-how and other intellectual property rights.

Counseling and Transactions

  • Celebrity, media personality and professional athlete sponsorship, licenses and endorsements (including one of the most successful in history – aligning George Foreman with the ubiquitous Foreman Mean Lean Grilling Machine)
  • Brand tie-ins and cross-promotions to films, television shows, and digital productions, promotions and advertising
  • Brand/trademark licensing
  • Licenses of content and other copyrighted works for entertainment uses, for example, licenses of rights in literary works (novels, non-fiction, comics and cartoons, short stories, etc.) to film, television, live theater and digital games;
  • Licenses of rights in software and other digital technologies
  • Content, creative talent and athlete and brand cross-licensing and co-marketing deals
  • Licenses with buy-out options of entertainment and other intellectual properties and technology
  • Licensing royalty audits
  • Development of style guides and policies and procedures for licensee quality control, including social media use

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

  • Litigation, mediation and arbitration of disputes involving sponsorship, endorsement and license agreements, including licensor/licensee disputes and royalty disputes