Trademark Lawyer Los Angeles CA

Trademark Lawyer Los Angeles CA

If you’re looking for a trademark lawyer Los Angeles CA can provide to help you navigate the trademark application process, contact our experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled legal team at Holmes Weinberg, PC. We have represented hundreds of businesses, from local entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. Our depth of experience includes successfully handling even the most complex cases to our clients’ satisfaction.

Working with visionaries at all stages of business development is our passion. We work hard to help our clients meet their goals and fulfill their commercial dreams. The type of seasoned trademark lawyer Los Angeles CA professionals often look for can be found at Holmes Weinberg, PC. We treat each intellectual property filing, application, and case with customized attention, with the goal of developing a sound strategy that meets our clients’ legal needs.

Trademark Services

At Holmes Weinberg, PC, we have distinguished ourselves as highly respected trademark lawyers who have a sincere passion for this area of the law. We are a diverse yet integrated practice, and as such we counsel clients in Los Angeles and around the world who represent a variety of business industries.

A trademark lawyer in Los Angeles CA from our firm can ensure that your intellectual property (IP) rights are secure and enforceable. Your attorney from our firm will make every effort to help you feel comfortable throughout the process, that your questions are answered, and your legal needs are satisfied. We offer our clients transactional services and counsel before, during, and after all manner of processes and concerns related to securing their intellectual property rights. The kind of trademark lawyer Los Angeles CA business owners desire is one that can fulfill a wide variety of intellectual property services and types of cases.

Some of our IP services include the following:
  • Intellectual property registration
  • Rights clearance
  • Brand, content, and publicity rights
  • Deals and agreements
  • Trade secret deals and agreements, including non-disclosure and other trade secret and confidentiality transactions and agreements
  • Risk assessment and counseling for use of third party intellectual property
  • Digital rights management

The advantage of retaining a trademark lawyer Los Angeles CA businesses trust is in knowing that all manner of concerns are being considered and accounted for, and having the confidence that your trademark lawyer is your advocate and that no piece of the puzzle will be missed. With the potential for costly legal problems that could affect your business down the road, not hiring a Los Angeles trademark lawyer could be an unwise choice. A trademark lawyer in Los Angeles CA from our firm can help you minimize your costs and strategize to develop the best legal avenue possible to meet your needs. It is often advisable to take care of these legal matters sooner rather than later, and we understand that it can be challenging to find a lawyer that you fully trust. Our years of experience working with clients from many backgrounds and areas of expertise make us well suited to assist anyone who is in need of trademark legal services.

Because the US Patent and Trademark Organization only registers trademarks, you as the trademark owner are responsible for any enforcement of your trademark. Should you need to enforce your IP, you might want to turn to a trademark lawyer Los Angeles CA clients have retained to litigate or resolve a dispute. We have helped many clients who initially tried to handle these matters on their own. Many found that the process was quite challenging and complex, and they often wished they had enlisted professional legal assistance at the onset. You may wish to consider engaging the services of an experienced trademark lawyer Los Angeles CA trusts from Holmes Weinberg, PC. At our firm we represent clients who have a variety of trademark dispute problems. Here are some of the most common examples:
  • Trademark infringement and misappropriation
  • Trademark Office litigated proceedings (oppositions and cancellations)
  • Domain name disputes
  • False and deceptive advertising disputes
  • IP business litigation that directly or indirectly involves intellectual property
  • Mediation and arbitration of IP disputes

For the fifth year in a row, our firm has been named one of the Best Law Firms in America by US News and World Report. Partner Steve Weinberg was named to the list of Best Lawyers in America for the 11th consecutive year, an honor which is awarded to only 4% of all practicing lawyers in the US. We pride ourselves on this accomplishment, as we truly strive each and every day to make sure our clients are satisfied with our services. The intellectual property world is not simple to understand. With our years of experience we can guide our clients through the process. A trademark lawyer Los Angeles CA is proud to have representing its community can be found at Holmes Weinberg, PC.

Our newest partner, Michael Levinthal, recently served as the chief legal officer and vice president at Magic Leap, Inc. As a trademark lawyer Los Angeles CA businesses turn to, Michael has been on the forefront of the legal and business aspects of nearly every major technological innovation in digital media. Michael also serves as outside general counsel for several tech companies, assisting them with corporate and IP/tech agreements and issues. Michael is a Los Angeles trademark lawyer clients call on for guidance, advocacy, and support. He is well equipped to handle intellectual property or legal trademark needs. He will be happy to meet with you to discuss your legal needs.
A top trademark lawyer Los Angeles CA has to offer can help steer you through the complex process of filing a trademark to save you time, money, and frustration. At Holmes Weinberg, PC, our seasoned trademark attorneys can address your questions and help you feel comfortable with the process. Our years of experience dealing with a complex variety of intellectual property business matters gives us the confidence to handle your trademark legal needs. If you are in need of a trademark lawyer Los Angeles CA trusts for IP protection or any of our other integrated services, call us at 310-457-6100 today to request a free consultation.