The Mediated Reality 2

Putting on the headgear was like stepping into another world, but the strangest part was how nearly it resembled our own.

I remember seeing objects floating feet above the heads of pedestrians, tiny creatures exploring the lines of my palm, picture books coming alive beneath my gaze, and all of this seeming indistinguishable from the place where I was actually standing, the people and things that were actually there.

I have always wondered where our technology would take us, what new and unthinkable possibilities lay just around the corner, and while I am thrilled to explore this adjacent universe and experience a world anew, I recognize how little we truly understand about the virtual space we have created.

New generations will be forever changed by this interface, redefining basic concepts like presence, seeing or touching. New laws will have to be written, transferring our societal values into a virtual medium and defending our privacy and intellectual property in an unregulated world.

We are on the brink of a new era of tech and human experience, a bright idea away from a new world altogether. Never has it been more essential to create a substantial community around the birth of this new industry, to weigh in on the development of our future and the design of a reality much closer to the one we inhabit than we might think.
I hope this blog will be in service of that goal.

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