Santa Monica Digital Lawyer

Many firms have been slow to adopt new technologies that have entirely changed the landscape of law, but one digital lawyer Santa Monica CA trusts, here at Holmes Weinberg PC, has done so with remarkable grace. The impressive cumulative experience of the Firm is intimately knowledgeable in business dealings involving: Intellectual Property Law, Digital Media, Entertainment Law, Advertising and Marketing, Licensing and Sponsorship, Litigation, Business Law and General Counseling, and have been recognized by many prestigious organizations. Some of these organizations include: Best Lawyers in America, International Who’s Who of International Business Lawyers, Southern California Super Lawyers, The Angelos, Los Angeles Business Journal and the Women’s Business Counsel, among others.

As these distinctions demonstrate, if in need of a digital lawyer in Santa Monica CA, the search is over. The motto at Holmes Weinberg PC is “Expect our Best”. When working with Holmes Weinberg PC, a client can be comfortable knowing that the digital lawyer Santa Monica CA relies on, has a far reaching, deep network in the digital media space. It is critical to the team at Holmes Weinberg PC to have great familiarity with the complex and fluctuating laws surrounding digital rights.

With a digital lawyer Santa Monica CA is proud to have in their corner, an idea or business can be provided with the foundational strength it needs to sustain growth and avoid costly mistakes. Whether in the fledging stages of a creative idea or wrangling through the rights of a social media campaign for an established corporation, there are far better expectations of success with the correct legal underpinnings in place to protect from damaging claims and litigation.

Rights are no longer simple; the digital landscape is a fluidly changing, challenging, dynamic space, so it’s imperative to have digital lawyer Santa Monica CA believes in to help organize needs and ideas, and, most importantly protect one’s rights and their pocketbook. Some entities that benefit from representation in the digital media space are:

  1. Creative talent: including social media stars, bloggers, influencers, authors, producers, directors in digital deals
  2. Live and digital music festival, video and TV productions featuring social media and music talent
  3. Interactive digital media deals, including interactive games, virtual and enhanced reality, advertising and promotion
  4. Software development, distribution and marketing deals
  5. Social media technology and channel development, production, hosting and maintenance deals
  6. Website development, terms of use and privacy agreements
  7. Affiliate, co-branding and co-marketing deals
  8. Licensing and co-venture deals in digital and technology
  9. Digital media animation agreements
  10. Content acquisition and clearances
  11. Litigation and dispute resolution of every kind relating to digital media and software/digital and emerging technologies
  12. Advertising and promotional campaigns, and more

Your Santa Monica digital lawyer can address your concerns in the digital media space. We invite you to also look through our blogs to learn about how we address myriad issues from Interactive Games, to Branding, to Sponsorship and more. Should you have questions about what we do in any of our specialties – from Intellectual Property Law, Digital Media, and Entertainment Law, to Advertising and Marketing, Licensing and Sponsorship, Litigation, Business Law and General Counseling – please contact Holmes Weinberg PC at or 310.457.6100.

For peace of mind, to ensure all avenues are covered, and to prepare for uncertainty in an increasingly digital world, contact the digital lawyer Santa Monica CA has turned to for more than 30 years.