Licensing Attorney Malibu CA

Licensing Attorney Malibu CAIf you have intangible assets to be licensed, which can include patents, copyrights, franchises, trademark, trade names, and computer software-based assets, you can contact a top licensing attorney Malibu CA has to offer to help you secure and manage your rights to own the intellectual property. A company or individual can choose to license their brand, also known as renting of an intangible asset that becomes a brand item when they believe there may be strong customer approval in the marketplace.

Companies or individuals usually seek licensing when they want to use their brand in association with the product for a stated period of time and within an agreed area or district. Our lawyers use highly unified methods that are designed to actively support our clients as trusted advisors in building, boosting and securing their intellectual property rights, assets, and overall business practices. Today, the business market is filled with unlimited opportunity, and to ensure your intellectual property rights are protected, you may want to discuss your legal situation with a licensing attorney in Malibu CA.

Even if you’re a large business with many resources, you may still need a Malibu licensing attorney to ensure the following:

  • The foundations and changes you make to your intellectual property are secure, meaning your business and deals with employees, partners, affiliates, and customers are arranged correctly and remain active;
  • Your intellectual property claims are protected and lawful;
  • The business operations and practices are unique and not infringing upon other existing intellectual property; and
  • If your rights or contracts are breached, you may need legal help with negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or compromise.

The type of licensing attorney Malibu CA residents should look for can be found at Holmes Weinberg, so it may be in your best interest to contact us for your free consultation today.

If you are looking to hire a licensing attorney Malibu CA is proud to offer, it may take a great amount of time, energy, and trust. We understand this can be a stressful process and that you need to be trusting your legal representative with an important part of your business and proprietary advantage in the marketplace. At Holmes Weinberg, we take pride in the quality of service we provide to our clients, and our clients best interests are always our top priority. We can develop an intellectual property strategy for you to help meet your business needs.

The kind of licensing attorney Malibu CA citizens are proud to have representing them have a wealth of experience and seasoned practice in a variety of intellectual property cases. Our lawyers have accomplished great results using an intensely cost-effective business model, as well as a huge network of professionals in other fields of law, monetary services, marketing and public relationships, technology development, media training, and litigation support, so you can ensure you are in great hands at Holmes Weinberg.

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