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If you are thinking about hiring an entertainment lawyer Santa Monica CA residents trust, you may want to speak with Holmes Weinberg, PC. We have been practicing litigation since 2008 and are ready to provide you with the representation you need. We provide our clients a wealth of legal experience and knowledge of the entertainment business. We have an extensive network of experts in marketing and public relations, media training, financial services, and development, as well as in other areas of law and litigation support. Each Santa Monica entertainment lawyer at our firm takes the time to listen to every client’s unique needs and provide them with sound legal advice.

When May It Be Necessary to Hire an Entertainment Lawyer in Santa Monica CA?

If you are in the entertainment industry, there may come a time when you may require the services of an entertainment lawyer in Santa Monica CA. Here are a few instances when you may want to hire an entertainment lawyer:

Sign a Contract:
When it comes to entering into a contract – no matter what the reason for it – the key to avoiding legal issues in the future is to make sure you have an entertainment lawyer Santa Monica CA trusts involved in the process right from the very beginning. A solid, well-articulated contract can help avoid legal problems in the future.

When you are handed a contract, it may be in your best interest to have an entertainment lawyer Santa Monica CA clients respect look it over first. However, unlike other industries, the entertainment industry has unique legal nuances that should be addressed and which may not come up in other types of business contracts. This is why you should consider consulting an entertainment lawyer. An experienced entertainment lawyer can make sure everything in the contract is fair and provide suggestions on amendments if necessary. Be sure to work with an entertainment lawyer Santa Monica CA offers with experience in intellectual property and contract law with a focus on your industry.

Contract Gets Violated:
Unfortunately, even the most bullet proof contract does not guarantee each party will honor the agreement. When this happens, it is often necessary to have an entertainment lawyer Santa Monica CA artists rely on to step in and advocate for you when dealing with the other party and their attorney. Contract disputes require skilled negotiations, something our lawyers excel at due to years of experience. In fact, our firm has successfully settled more than 90 percent of contract dispute cases without having to go to court and further litigate.

If one of the parties you signed a contract with isn’t holding up their end of the bargain, an entertainment lawyer Santa Monica CA residents rely on may be able to help to help you bring a lawsuit.

Someone Stole Your Intellectual Property:
Under the law, intellectual property is considered anything that is a creation of the mind. This can include artistic works, literary works, and inventions. Intellectual property is broken down into two categories – industrial and copyright.
Industrial property covers inventions and industrial designs. In order to protect these types of intellectual property, you need to obtain a patent. A patent grants the owner protection for 20 years, barring anyone else from commercially producing, using, distributing, or selling without the owner’s consent. Trademarks also fall under industrial properties. Trademark protection prevents anyone but the owner of the mark to identify services or products from using the mark.
Copyright property covers artistic works, such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs. It also covers architectural design. Copyright protection extends to performing artists, in music, television, film, and other mediums. A copyright not only protects the owner, but it also protects the owner’s heirs and successors. When a work has been copyrighted, no one else can reproduce the work, publicly perform or broadcast the work, translate the work, or adapt the work into another format without the authorization of the owner.

We Will Protect Your Rights

The lawyers at Holmes Weinberg, PC can not only assist you in obtaining the correct form of protection for your intellectual property, we can also assist you in taking the appropriate steps if another party uses your property without your permission or steals your property.

If another person took your copyrighted material, such as a song or a book, without getting permission, you have a right to take legal action against that person. An experienced Santa Monica entertainment lawyer may help you bring a lawsuit against the person who stole your material.

Someone Is Suing You:
If another person or entity has brought a lawsuit against you, it may be in your best interest to hire a skilled entertainment lawyer. An entertainment lawyer Santa Monica CA clients consult with can help you fight this lawsuit so that there is minimal damage to your finances and reputation.

Although many of the legal issues that may come up for you could almost be considered “business law,” it is crucial to hire an attorney who specifically practices entertainment law and not just business law. When you are dealing with legal issues such as royalties, intellectual properties, and other legal matters that fall under the entertainment law umbrella, you want to make sure you have a seasoned entertainment lawyer Santa Monica CA artists depend on representing your best interest.

For example, if you needed your gallbladder removed, you would not consult with a dermatologist. You would likely consult with a surgeon who specializes in the area of medicine you need treatment for. A dermatologist has a medical license and may have knowledge about the gallbladder, but he or she certainly does not have the same expertise as a surgeon does.
This same type of consideration should be applied to legal issues. Whenever you have any kind of entertainment law issue that needs to be dealt with, you should always consult with a skilled entertainment lawyer Santa Monica CA residents trust.

Children in the Entertainment Industry

Another reason you may need the services of an entertainment lawyer Santa Monica CA locals call is because your child has become involved in the entertainment industry. It is not uncommon in these situations for parents to act as their child’s manager and/or agent; however, it is still necessary to have an entertainment lawyer representing your child’s best interests, especially as your child’s career grows. Not only can an entertainment lawyer Santa Monica CA parents depend on ensure that all contracts and fees structure are beneficial and fair for you child, but your lawyer can also make sure that your child is protected while working.

There are both federal and state child labor laws in place to ensure that children are not exploited while working in this industry. In addition to fair pay, there are also laws in place which address the child’s education and limits on how many hours the child can work. This is critical, especially if your child is involved in a long-term production.

Under California law, a permit must be issued by the state before a child can work on an entertainment project. Parents can apply for either a 10-day temporary entertainment work permit or a six-month entertainment work permit. The six-month permit is renewable. If school is in session, then permit applications also require information and signatures from school officials.

Once a permit is issued, it is important to make sure that all requirements, such as maximum number of hours per day and per week a minor can work (eight and 48), the hours (5 am to 10 pm) they are allowed to work between, and how many hours of schooling per day they are required to receive are followed. Your entertainment lawyer can ensure that all of these rules and regulations are followed by the production company and that your child is protected.

What Should I Expect During My First Consultation with an Entertainment Lawyer Santa Monica CA Clients Recommend?

During your first consultation with a Santa Monica entertainment lawyer, you may want to find out if he or she has dealt with your specific issue in the past. For example, if you are trying to get out of a contract, it may be in your best interest to work with a lawyer who has experience with that. You may also want to ask the lawyer if your expectations are realistic or not.

It may also be a wise idea to ask an entertainment lawyer Santa Monica CA residents depend on about his or her fee structure. Some entertainment lawyers charge by the hour while others bill on a fixed-fee basis. There are also some lawyers who ask for a retainer.

Consult with a Skilled Entertainment Lawyer Santa Monica CA Depends On

If you would like to discuss what your legal needs may be with an entertainment lawyer in Santa Monica CA, call our legal team at Holmes Weinberg PC. We are available to meet and discuss what the best options are for your situation.

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