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If you are looking for a entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA has many to choose from, but there is only one firm like Holmes Weinberg, PC. As a legal powerhouse, we have built a strong reputation that celebrities and Hollywood elite trust. To find out how a Los Angeles entertainment lawyer can help you to take care of your needs, call Holmes Weinberg, PC now.

How an Entertainment Lawyer Los Angeles Respects Can Help You

Holmes Weinberg, PC understands the laws and business of the entertainment industry. With our strategic approach to the encompassing matters, we are able to get the results our clients need, and fast. As an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles depends on, we are considered to be an industry leader and offer services to multinational media companies, artists, producers, and investors. Whether you are the driver of the creative process or turn concepts into a bold reality, we can guide you through the legal process that might encompass your needs.

Our experience, skill, enthusiasm, and creativity at advising the entertainment industry has the ability to match the high standards expected by client’s including:

  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Actors/Actresses
  • Models
  • Authors
  • Screenwriters
  • Musicians
  • Music producers
  • Producers
  • Production companies
  • Debt and equity investors
  • Senior executives
  • Computer and video game producers/developers
  • Talent agencies
  • Personal or business managers
  • Technology innovators
  • + More

Some of the services we offer to clients are as follows:

  • Entertainment contract negotiations
  • Estate planning
  • Tax planning
  • Contract or licensing disputes
  • Motion picture rights
  • Music rights
  • Breach of fiduciary
  • Arbitration, mediation, or litigation
  • + More

No matter what you might be looking for an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA provides has the capabilities to get results for you.

Holmes Weinberg, PC : Your Entertainment Lawyer in Los Angeles CA

As an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA has to offer, we are founded on integrity, passion, and trust. For decades we have been providing legal services to well known clientele through California and the United States. Whether you need a lawyer for your personal needs or your career in the entertainment industry, it can help to have an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA residents can count on. We can also act as your entertainment bodyguard and ensure your reputation is protected to the fullest. Should you encounter a media hiccup or legal mishap, we can be there to tie up loose ends and maintain effective damage control.

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