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entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CAIf you are looking for an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA has many to choose from, but there is only one firm like Holmes Weinberg, PC. Founded in 2008, Holmes Weinberg is a boutique law firm founded by veteran lawyers Henry Holmes and Steven Weinberg. As a legal powerhouse, we have built a strong reputation that celebrities and Hollywood elite trust.

Many of our lawyers have over 30 years of experience in passionately fighting for clients needs. No matter if you are an artist, athlete, entrepreneur, or anything in-between, Holmes Weinberg, PC can help. We are known for our expert lawyers who will support you in building, expanding, protecting, and defending your rights. To find out how a Los Angeles entertainment lawyer can help you to take care of your needs, call Holmes Weinberg, PC now.

How an Entertainment Lawyer Los Angeles Respects Can Help You

Holmes Weinberg, PC understands the laws and business of the entertainment industry. With our strategic approach to the encompassing matters, we are able to get the results our clients need, and fast. As an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles depends on, we are considered to be an industry leader and offer services to multinational media companies, artists, producers, and investors. Whether you are the driver of the creative process or turn concepts into a bold reality, we can guide you through the legal process that might encompass your needs.

Our experience, skill, enthusiasm, and creativity at advising the entertainment industry has the ability to match the high standards expected by client’s including:
• Directors
• Producers
• Actors/Actresses
• Models
• Authors
• Screenwriters
• Musicians
• Music producers
• Producers
• Production companies
• Debt and equity investors
• Senior executives
• Computer and video game producers/developers
• Talent agencies
• Personal or business managers
• Technology innovators
• + More

Some of the services we offer to clients are as follows:
• Entertainment contract negotiations
• Estate planning
• Tax planning
• Contract or licensing disputes
• Motion picture rights
• Music rights
• Breach of fiduciary
• Arbitration, mediation, or litigation
• + More

No matter what you might be looking for in an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA entertainment professionals look to, we have the ability to get results for you.

The Difference Between an Agent and a Los Angeles Entertainment Lawyer

Contrary to what you might think, agents and lawyers do not offer the same services. Rather, they work hand in hand to get their clients the best possible deal. The traditional divide between the two is that agents find work for their clients and this will result in negotiating basic terms of the deal, agreements, and fees. At this point an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA offers will come in and negotiates the remaining part of the agreement including all of the short form details. It should be noted that you will see an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles CA who does solicit scripts to clients, or who advises him or her on career moves. Likewise there are also agents who get more involved with deal agreements. Although their expanded services might be useful, it is advisable to have both.

If you don’t have an entertainment lawyer, now is the time to find out more information. Call Holmes Weinberg, PC for a free consultation now.

How to Choose the Right Entertainment Lawyer Los Angeles CA Respects

In Los Angeles, there are a large number of entertainment lawyers; however, not all are created equal. Some specialize in only production, direction, or models for instance. Others, such as Holmes Weinberg, PC, are well versed in various aspects of the entertainment industry. At the bare minimum, when you look for an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA actors recommend, you should ensure the firm has experience within this subject of the law. From there you can call for a complimentary consultation. Discuss your needs and don’t be afraid to ask questions. During this meeting you should be able to see whether or not your personalities are a match. This is important because usually client relationships with an entertainment lawyers are long term. You want to feel comfortable with one another to ensure a productive, and effective, working relationship.

Holmes Weinberg, PC: Your Entertainment Lawyer in Los Angeles CA

Entertainment lawyers are very important. By choosing not to work with one, you risk losing the rights to your own material, owed money, or even much worse. If anyone tells you not to have an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA provides, you should not listen to them. By working with Holmes Weinberg, PC, you can feel confident in knowing we will help you to:

  • Develop comprehensive “360-degree” entertainment deals
  • Negotiate and draw up legal recording contracts
  • Negotiate and draw up production contracts
  • Develop agreements among band members or other entertainment groups
  • Organize salary arbitration hearings
  • Plan and prepare marketing and endorsement opportunities
  • Handle any issues with intellectual property


In addition to all of the above, we offer complete legal representation as an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA artists and musicians a like respect. For your peace of mind, you can feel confident in knowing that our working relationship will remain completely confidential at all times. If you are ready to speak with one of our lawyers, please call our firm.

We Will Work to Protect Your Image and Reputation

As an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA has to offer, we are founded on integrity, passion, and trust. For decades we have been providing legal services to well known clientele through California and the United States. Whether you need a lawyer for your personal needs or your career in the entertainment industry, it can help to have an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA residents can count on. Your reputation is one of your most important assets in the entertainment industry. We can act as your entertainment bodyguard and ensure your reputation is protected to the fullest. Should you encounter a media hiccup or legal mishap, we can be there to tie up loose ends and maintain effective damage control.

You may be wondering what puts Holmes Weinberg, PC at the top of the list for an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA relies on. It’s because our practice is specifically designed to meet your needs in the entertainment sector. Our clients trust us because we have been a reliable firm in the field for over 30 years. There are limitless opportunities in the entertainment industry, but it’s imperative to have the right lawyers by your side to navigate it safely. As creative minds develop and evolve, so does entertainment law. Speaking to an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA relies on will arm you with the knowledge that you are well protected in this industry.

Areas of Entertainment Law

An entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA trusts from Holmes Weinberg, PC will be able to help you with any of your industry legal issues. We can help in agreements between creative talents and directors to ensure contracts are fair and in your best interest. We also specialize in contracts for music festivals and live entertainment production deals as well as representation of bands in sponsorship deals. No matter what type of deal or project you are trying to make, someone from our firm may be on hand to help.

We offer our services as personal representation of creative talent, as well. Beyond protecting your legal rights, Holmes Weinberg, PC goes above and beyond to find and develop opportunities for our creative clientele and athletes. This may include endorsements, sponsorships, and social media, film and television opportunities. An entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA relies on should not only help you navigate your place in the industry, but help you to grow within it. We can also help with collaborations and brand development and protection which is very important in this industry.

Contact Our Firm Now for a Free Consultation or to Speak Immediately with a Lawyer

You do not want to wait until you find yourself in a difficult legal situation to find an entertainment lawyer. If you are in the entertainment industry, you will do nothing but benefit from having an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles CA that you can rely on. When you need to take care of personal, career, or business legal needs you should have Holmes Weinberg, PC on your side.

We are available to talk to you day or night and work diligently to achieve the successful results. Rest assured, we maintain the utmost standards of integrity, confidentiality, and trust. In this incredibly competitive industry, it’s imperative to have an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA trusts and believes in on your side. Many of our expert lawyers have over 30 years of professional experience in this industry and will passionately fight for you to make sure you goals are well represented.

If you are unsure how we can help, but know you need a lawyer working for you, we are ready to listen to what you have to say. We are here to answer any questions you may have and to clarify any of your concerns. It is always a benefit to have a Los Angeles entertainment lawyer on your side ready to fight for you. To schedule a consultation with an entertainment lawyer Los Angeles CA offers, call 310. 457. 6100.