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Copyright Lawyer Santa Monica CAIf you have created a piece of intellectual property such as a website, song, screenplay, or book, you may want to talk with a copyright lawyer Santa Monica CA artists can rely on.

For decades, Holmes Weinberg, PC has been assisting people with copyright and trademark protection. Navigating the intricacies of the legal system, our firm handles a broad range of copyright matters not limited to registering a copyright, but also:

  • Copyright enforcement;
  • Copyright renewal;
  • Copyright litigation;
  • Acquisition and sale of a copyright;
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedowns;
  • Rights evaluations;
  • Fair use assessments;
  • Copyright use clearance; and
  • International copyright usage.

If you would like to know how a Santa Monica copyright lawyer might be able to help you out with your own copyright situation, please call our firm today.

What Is a Copyright?

When you talk to a copyright lawyer Santa Monica CA respects, you can have the opportunity to discuss your questions and concerns. Until that time it may be a good idea to inform yourself about basic copyright information.

A copyright in its simplest terms means the right to copy. The only person who is allowed the right to produce or permit another person to reproduce the work is the creator. Copyright applies to any original musical, artistic, dramatic, and literary work. These categories expand into creations such as the following:

  • Dramatic works- Film, video, script, or screenplay;
  • Musical works – Compositions that include music only or both music and lyrics;
  • Literary works – Poems, computer programs, books, pamphlets, etc.; and
  • Artistic works – Maps, photographs, paintings, sculptures, recordings.

A copyright lawyer in Santa Monica CA might tell you that the word original is a key element in copyright protection. You cannot copyright something that was created by another person. If the origins of the work in question are disputed, a copyright lawyer Santa Monica CA provides may need to file different legal documentation to resolve the matter. This is in and of itself a separate issue that can be further discussed during a consultation.

By applying for a copyright with a copyright lawyer Santa Monica CA creatives can depend on, you will have the sole right to:

  • Produce, reproduce, perform, or publish the work;
  • Convert a novel into a performance or other type of dramatic work;
  • Convert dramatic work into a novel;
  • Make a sound recording of the work;
  • Communicate the work via telecommunication;
  • Rent out the work (i.e. sound recording); and
  • Authorize any such of the aforementioned acts.

A title, name, or word combination is generally not protected by copyright. Furthermore, copyright is restricted to the expression of an idea and not the idea itself. For instance you might have an idea for a movie. Until you write the script, there is no copyright protection. Sometimes an idea can be protected in other ways such as a patent. This can vary on a case by case basis. Lawyers at Holmes Weinberg, PC can assess your needs and let you know what options are best suited to you.

There is More than One Type of Intellectual Property

It should be noted that a copyright is not the same as a trademark, patent, industrial design, or integrated circuit topography. A copyright lawyer Santa Monica CA has to offer may be able to let you know whether or not these other forms of intellectual property apply to your own legal matter.

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