Trademark Lawyer Malibu CA

When you have concerns about protecting your intellectual property, you need a trademark lawyer Malibu CA trusts. Identifying an attorney who can help you with all of your trademark concerns is an important part of protecting the materials you have spent so long and so much money to protect.

The Value of Working With a Trademark Attorney

Did you know that trademark applicants working with an attorney have a 50% higher chance of successfully completing the registration process when compared with those who try to handle it on their own? When your company is considering launching a new service or product or when you begin a new business, the services of a Malibu trademark lawyer can be quite valuable.

Services Provided by a Trademark Lawyer

It is necessary to identify a trademark lawyer Malibu CA relies on to protect the intellectual property assets of businesses and individuals. Identifying a firm that specializes in filing trademark, patent and copyright applications, IP litigations, business disputes and transactions and startup issues is essential when you are looking for a trademark lawyer Malibu CA has come to rely on for comprehensive representation.

It may be advisable for any individual to consider filing for a California trademark or service or instead of a fictitious business name filing or business trademark filing. They can help with any of the following:

  • An experienced lawyer can help you avoid expensive mistakes over the course of selecting your service or product trademark.
  • An attorney can also advise you about the risks associated with the use of a trademark by initiating a trademark search or evaluation.
  • If you have previously filed a trademark application and been unsuccessful, a knowledgeable attorney can increase your chances of a better outcome.
  • No matter what questions you have about trademarks, an attorney can help you figure out your next steps.

Assistance with State and Federal Trademark Applications

A trademark lawyer in Malibu CA can play a very important role in protecting your intellectual property or when someone is misusing your material.

A trademark attorney in Malibu CA can determine if it’s necessary to file for a trademark on the state or federal level, both, or neither. California has its own trademark application and individual trademark laws. These operate similarly to federal trademark law but are separate from the federal process.

California Trademark Applications

The comprehensive trademark search can be avoided for the purposes of a state trademark application. However, it’s important that you work with a trademark lawyer Malibu CA residents count on for their professional services. Choose one with experience in:

  1. Determining whether or not a trademark already exists.
  2. Responding to claims of improper use of a trademark.
  3. Applying for a trademark.

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All of these issues are extremely complex and warrant the insight of a trademark lawyer Malibu CA can trust with these complicated and professional business matters- contact a dedicated lawyer today by visiting