Social Media Lawyer Malibu CA

If you are a YouTuber, Instagrammer, Snapchat star, vlogger or other social media influencer, you need a social media lawyer Malibu CA trusts as part of your team. Many social media influencers are sought after by brands because social media influencers can help tell the brand’s story through creative and authentic ways. Social media influencers can create YouTube videos of themselves interacting with the product or service of a brand, or they can post to Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter as a form of native advertising for the brand. With the advent of Facebook video and Instagram stories, there are now more ways than ever for influencers to reach their audiences and those of the brands they work with.

A social media lawyer Malibu CA relies on can be instrumental in helping you to protect your valuable intellectual property rights in your negotiations with brands. For example, while it is customary for brands to “own” the content they are paying you to create about their brand, you must be careful to reserve the necessary rights so that the brand does not purport to own your character rights under copyright laws, trademark and service mark rights or publicity rights, all of which constitute your preexisting intellectual property and which you likely intend to use in future brand campaigns and otherwise. Since the field of social media law is still relatively new, many contracts relied upon by brands have not been adapted to the nuances of social media influencer campaigns.

Negotiating deals and agreements is not the only area of expertise an experienced social media lawyer Malibu CA respects can offer you. When influencers are advertising or promoting the products or services of a brand, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guidelines on Testimonials and Endorsements require that influencers make “clear and conspicuous” disclosures that the influencer has a connection or relationship to the company or brand whose product or service they are promoting or endorsing through social media. This often requires the social media influence to use identifying hashtags such as #ad, #sponsored or #spons, or to otherwise identify what specifically the influencer received from the brand in exchange for promoting it. Influencers also must only make truthful statements in their advertising and promotion of a brand, or they run the risk of being exposed to fines and other punitive measures by the FTC.

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