Intellectual Property Lawyer Malibu CA

When they need an intellectual property lawyer Malibu CA knows to go to Holmes Weinberg, PC. What is intellectual property? You hear that term used a lot these days because of its massive importance to the economy. Intellectual property refers to the rights one can obtain through copyrights, trademarks, servicemarks, patents, trade secrets, rights of publicity, rights or privacy, and confidentiality. That means that the client has invented some new device, material or process. He or she has written a story, created music, made a movie, thought of a great name for something, or just has some proprietary business information it needs to keep protected.

The intellectual property lawyer Malibu CA chooses must know how to protect a client’s creations. The attorneys at Holmes Weinberg, PC have deep experience in this area. Steve Weinberg is a nationally known expert on trademark law, as well as copyright. Hillary Bibicoff and Henry Holmes have deep experience with copyright and trademark issues through their years in the entertainment business. Michael Leventhal’s deep experience in entertainment, digital media and technology give him the knowledge and skills to address copyright, trademark, and trade secret law, as well as recognizing when a client needs patent help. And, Leventhal knows the right patent lawyers for the job.

What are the types of actions an intellectual property lawyer Malibu CA trusts will take on behalf of a client? He or she will be able to file the appropriate registration applications – for copyrights and trademarks. Michael Salvatore is an expert and on the filing processes, as are the remainder of the Holmes Weinberg, PC team. While copyright applications are not too complicated, there is a subtle art to getting the trademark process right. Other actions are the consulting and employment agreements that companies need to use to ensure that they own the intellectual property that they have been creating. If a company engages outside contractors to create material subject to copyright protection, and they don’t get it in writing, they may not own the rights to the intellectual property. That will not happen if the company has retained the intellectual property lawyer Malibu CA relies on, located at Holmes Weinberg. Further, if a company wants to buy or license intellectual property from an outside source, that documentation has to be done properly, and can include both licenses and governmental filings.

Intellectual property is a complex and fascinating field. It takes the right practitioners to protect your intellectual property businesses. And, if that protection is threatened, the intellectual property lawyer Malibu CA knows to come to if a dispute might lead to a lawsuit is Steve Weinberg. Holmes Weinberg, PC’s successful copyright and trademark litigation practice is well known throughout the state, and the firm has won awards for its successes.

So, if you want to gain the same advantages in your intellectual property based business that others enjoy, use the intellectual property lawyer Malibu CA knows and trust – Holmes Weinberg, P.C. Please contact us. We’re ready to help you protect and expand your business!