Intellectual Property Law

Our practice in Intellectual Property law includes the following, some of which also plays a role in our Entertainment and General Business practices:
Counseling and Transactions

// IP Registration / Obtaining registration of trademarks, service marks and trade dress in the US and around the world/ Registration of claims of copyright // Rights Clearance / IP clearance, entertainment title and trademark clearance, content clearance, fair use counseling, negotiations with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and other content licensing and clearance agencies // IP, Brand, Content and Publicity Rights Deals and Agreements / Branding and licensing, co-marketing and co-branding, sponsorships, tie-ins, endorsements, digital media, advertising and promotion (in all media), ownership transfers (including acquisitions and assignments), IP due diligence in corporate transactions, architectural plans // Trade Secret Deals and Agreements, including non-disclosure and other trade secret and confidentiality transactions and agreements // Risk Assessment and counseling for use of third party IP in all media, advertising and promotion and internal corporate use // Digital Rights Management

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

// Infringement and Misappropriation / Enforcement and litigation in federal and state courts involving including trademark, copyright, trade dress, and publicity rights infringement, trademark dilution, counterfeiting and misappropriation, and trade secret misappropriation // Trademark Office Litigated Proceedings (oppositions and cancellations) // Domain Name Disputes / arbitrations (UDRP’s) and Anti-counterfeiting Act litigation // False And Deceptive Advertising Disputes // IP Business Litigation that directly or indirectly involves intellectual property (for example, disputes over ownership and license breaches) // Mediation and Arbitration of IP disputes