Digital Lawyer Malibu CA

Malibu CA has many professionals in the digital media and digital technology space. When looking for a digital lawyer Malibu CA knows to go to Holmes Weinberg, PC. Holmes Weinberg, PC has several lawyers who have worked in the digital media and technology businesses for a long time. Both Steve Weinberg and Michael Leventhal have been digital lawyers since that term was invented. Lisa Dubrow has deep experience in the area. Hillary Bibicoff and Henry Holmes work in fields that are very connected to digital media.

When trying to find a digital lawyer Malibu CA trusts, it is helpful to understand what a digital lawyer is. A digital lawyer works in the world of media, focusing on the aspect of media that relates to the world of computers and software. This can mean creating apps for iPhones and iPads, or Android devices. It can mean creating websites. It can be about developing technology that drives these apps and sites. It can be about the businesses that have been created to serve the World Wide Web and the larger internet. Recently, it has also come to mean the worlds of augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality, what we call Mediated Reality.

There are very few lawyers who have the deep experience of working in the digital world as well as the entertainment and media world like Steve Weinberg and Michael Leventhal. That’s why they are each a digital lawyer Malibu CA reaches out to when they need the help of a wise, experienced and creative attorney.

The specifics of the work a digital lawyer Malibu CA is looking for when they retain Holmes Weinberg, PC include attorneys who understand technology, law and business. They need to understand what kind of technological innovations are driving the markets, and what the implications are for these new products and services. They need to know how the business ecosystem operates; who gets paid what, when and how. And, of course, as each is a digital lawyer Malibu CA knows they will understand software and hardware contracts, advertising opportunities and restrictions, the intellectual property areas of copyright, trademark, trade secrets, privacy, and even patents.

The digital lawyer Malibu CA wants to work with must also have deep connections to the digital world. The digital lawyers at Holmes Weinberg, PC have exactly that. They have been advising clients, making deals, speaking on panels, writing articles and blogging about digital media, digital technology, entertainment, software, advertising, and the future for decades. They are future looking attorneys with a passion for the cutting-edge innovations and inventions coming our way. They know all the player in the digital ecosystem, which has been growing rapidly in Southern California. A digital lawyer Malibu CA will be happy to work with also must know the players in Silicon Valley and other tech centers. Holmes Weinberg, PC lawyers are very connected to all of the relevant tech hubs.

So, if you want to work with the digital lawyer Malibu CA is working with, contact us today. We’re ready to help!